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Sample OMNIGRAPHS: Michel de Montaigne
 On Oct 4, 1565 (new style), French philosopher Michel Eyquem de Montaigne married Françoise de la Cassaigne. This Omnigraph was generated using a file which contains Sun, Node, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto to selected natal factors. Since this file was created in order to pinpoint positive times in the area of love, the "tense" aspects were not included. It can be seen that there is a "peak" around the 4th of October...  
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Now, we use the same file for a time period of only 20 days, and are able to see that this peak occurs on the 4th/5th of October.
Instead of recalculating the first astrology graph for a shorter period of time in order to better identify the time of this "peak", we can use the zoom option instead: here we can clearly see how the blue line rises from 300% above average early on the 4th, to over 450% on the 5th. Though Montaigne's marriage wasn't exactly one made in Heaven, we might well assume from the graph that at least the first 24 hours weren´t so bad!
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