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      Sample OMNIGRAPHS: Robert Schumann
  German composer Robert Schumann. In order to further the development of his pianistic abilities, Schumann employed a mechanical contraption supposed to make the fingers more independent. The results were disastrous: the device crippled one of his fingers, thus dashing all his hopes of ever becoming a great concert pianist. This occured in the spring of 1832. On this Omnigraph, created using an .APS file containing the tense aspects of SA, UR, NE and PL, (up to Harmonic 16), the first weeks of spring are marked by an obvious increase in tension:  
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   Having to face the realisation that he could not be a pianist, Schumann did continue to compose some of the most beautiful and original music of his - or of any other - time. Nonetheless, like many creative geniuses, Schumann was plagued by bouts of depression and despair. In 1833, when a cholera epidemic broke out, Schumann was terrified of getting the disease, and became severly depressed in autumn, after the sickness caused the deaths of both his brother as well as his sister-in-law. On October 17th, he had what we would today call a severe nervous breakdown, and was close to committing suicide. As can be seen on the Omnigraph, the days surrounding the 17th of October correspond to a peak in the "tense" aspects...    





Now, using the zoom function,we can see that the 15th through the 18th were indeed very stressful days, the red line being more than 350% above the mean. But letīs move on to a more positive time in this composerīs life...  
  The following OMNIGRAPH displays both harmonious as well as tense tendencies: clearly, the former dominate during June/July, 1842. In fact, these were extremely creative weeks in Schumannīs life: he began to work on a string quartett on June 4th, finishing it by the 11th; he then began another, completing it on July 5th, and on July 8th, began to compose a third quartett. Though it is, of course, possible to be creative when tense aspects dominate, this is a good example of how harmonious aspects (trines, sextiles, and noviles were used, among others) facilitate the creative process, giving ease of expression.    
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