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      Sample OMNIGRAPHS: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  
   On June 8, 1777, Goethe's sister, Cornelia, died at the age of only 26. I do not know whether Goethe learned of her death immediately; in any case, the Omnigraph - generated with an aspect file containing the tense aspects of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - shows that the tense aspects were well above average on the 8th, and continued to rise during the following 6 days (up to 400% above average). Clearly a difficult time for him, as can be seen in the astrology graph...  
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The following Omnigraph shows the complete year 1777: plainly, the days just preceding the middle of June seem to be the most difficult, and we may easily assume that his sisterīs death was not easy for him to bear.
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