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      Sample OMNIGRAPHS: Louis XVI  
  Though Louis XVI and his wife had been married for seven years (having wed when he was only 15 years old, and she 14), the marriage was not consumated for seven years, due to a physical defect of the king. After undergoing a successful operation, normal marital relations were possible, and they were able to look forward to producing an heir to the throne. Their first amorous encounter occurred on August 25, 1777, the highest peak during the two-month period represented on this OMNIGRAPH, prepared using an aspect file with selected planets/aspects chosen for their significance in the area of love.
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Using the zoom function, we can see the peak on the 25th all the more clearly.
Our second example from the life of this monarch is concerned with a truly tragic event:
on the morning of January 21, 1793, Louis XVI was executed on the guillotine, thus becoming the most prominent victim of the excesses of the French Revolution. We might suspect that Mars would play an important role among the transits, and we do see, in this MULTIGRAPH done for one year (March 1792-March 1793), that the highest peak is indeed around the fatal date....
  Tense Mars transits for Louis XVI, 1792-93.
    Closer inspection, using the ZOOM function of OMNICYCLES, reveals that the Mars peak is NOT on the 21st, but rather on January 23rd, two days after the death of the king. How might this be explained?  
   I next did another
OMNIGRAPH  for the mundane positions of the planets (that is, the transit planets among themselves, with no reference to the chart of the king). I thought that due to the historical importance of this murderous act, it was quite possible that the constellations of the moment might reflect the occurence. Here, I used an aspect file which employs the Sun, Moon, node and all the planets, for the time period January 10th to 24th, 1793. As can be seen, the highest "tense" peak was on the morning of January 21st, at about the time the king was executed; at the same time, the "harmonious" aspects (blue line), were below their average level.
Though we saw, in the
OMNIGRAPH before the last one, that the Mars peak for the king was "off" by two days, if we use a file which contains not only Mars transits, but also those of Saturn, Neptune and the Moon (this last factor being added since it often acts as a "trigger" for other, more substantial, aspects), we get the following picture:
    Transits of Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Moon: the peak is around noon (the execution was, in fact, about an hour before noon on this day).
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