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      Sample OMNIGRAPHS: September 11, 2001  
  A date which certainly needs no introduction. The following OMNIGRAPHS were prepared by calculating the transits to the chart of the USA: 4 July, 1776, 17:12 LMT, Philadelphia. There is another version of the USA chart with a Gemini ascendent; I have long used this version, however, and it has gained in popularity since Sept. 11, 2001, due to the fact that transit Pluto was right on the ascendent of this chart on that tragic date. I did this study calculating separate graphs for different planets.  First, the transits of Pluto. Here, we see that the tense aspects were well above average between the middle of July and the end of October, 2001.  
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Next, Transit Neptune's tense aspects to the USA chart:
Here is the graph for 2001 of the tense transits of Mars to the USA chart: though there are many "peaks" for the year (due to the rapid motion of Mars) one of those peaks (although not the highest) is around September 11...
   Now, I have combined the graphs showing the transits of Pluto, Neptune and Mars: here, Pluto is shown by a red line, Neptune by a beige-colored line, and Mars by a violet one. Studying this
MULTIGRAPH carefully, we find something interesting indeed: In the year 2001, the first time that the lines for the "tense" transits of Pluto, Neptune and Mars were ALL well above their mean simultaneously was - on September 11th!
   The above graphs were done for Pluto, Neptune and Mars separately; the multigraph is simply the three separate graphs superimposed one upon the other. So next, I decided to do a 15-year graph using an aspect file which contained all three of these planets. I did so in order to determine just how often these planets had had such a strong combined effect. As you can see in the graph below, between 1990 and 2004, there only five occasions when a "peak" surpasses the 350% mark, one of these being around September, 2001. (IŽll leave it to you to check out the events - if any - which occurred at the times of these other peaks.... though it can be seen that one of the other five occurred in the beginning of January, 1991, just before the outbreak of the Gulf War.)
   To see this more clearly, I re-calculated with the same aspect file, but only for 2001. Here, we see the peak in the above graph more clearly defined: There is a peak on September 11th, and three in October. How could we have said, before the fact, that September 11th was to be the worst of these dates? I do not know; this may be one of the limits of astrology. Nonetheless, an astrologer probably would have predicted that September/October would be the most tense months of 2001 for the USA, and this prediction would certainly not have been off the mark!
    A "zoom" shot of part of the
above graph, which shows
that the peak in September
falls exactly on the 11th.
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