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  Sample Love graphs: Cupid's arrow hits the mark
     The beginning of an important romantic relationship. Several graphs have been included here, in order to show the different ways you can study a period of time using OMNICYCLE'S many options. This first graph was produced using a file containing the transits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (but without the transits of the Moon). Time period: 2 months; interval between points on the graph: 6 hours.    
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Obvoiusly, these will be pleasant weeks: the "tense" line is low throughout the 2 months, while the blue line is high, especially after mid-January.  Had we included Moon transits, we would have had to use an interval of no more than 30 minutes, to be sure that all aspects would be included; using files without the transit Moon is thus better for longer time periods. Then, when such a graph is finished, you can do another graph, this one including the transit Moon, for a shorter time period. This is what I did next; the following graph, done for the first 7 days of February (the time period on the above graph where the 2-month "peak" is reached), but
WITH the transits of the Moon as well:
  In this OMNIGRAPH, the "harmonious" line reaches its peak on the evening of Feb. 3. Lo and behold: it was between 6 and 7 PM on February 3 that he had his first date with the girl! (They had first met some time before, but had never gone out together.)  
Thinking that it might be interesting to calculate this same graph again, but this time using the "factors" (which have the effect of multiplying the final point-results when several simultaneous aspects of a type are present: click HERE for more detailed information on factors), I did just this. Here is the resulting graph, shown on a scale of up to 700%:
   Whereas the previous graph was displayed with a scale of 300% (the blue line's "peak" was at 300%, which was 200% above the mean; click HERE for more info on the "mean"), this one peaks at 700%, due to the simultaneous presence of several harmonious transits. How could you NOT be lucky at such a time?
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