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A car accident, reflected in an astrology graph
    A good friend of ours had an aggravating day recently. He had to take a business trip by car to another city, and just didnīt feel right about it from the beginning. And not only was the trip a failure business-wise... on the way home, someone ran a stop sign and crashed into his car. Nobody was hurt, but his car was in bad shape. I did an OMNIGRAPH for him for that month, one which contained only the effects of the transits of Mars. The black arrow indicates the time of the accident...  

When I asked him how the week previous to the accident had been (during which time the red line had been high) he said it was a frustrating week, and he had felt irritable for days before the accident. How, then, could we have predicted that, if an accident were to occur, it would be on the 13th? Using only transits, we probably couldnīt have said, yet we would have been correct in saying that he would be having a trying time between the 7th and the 13th, which would have indeed been correct.
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