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   Personalized "Contacting people" Graph (Sample)

Imagine that you have to make an important call somewhere between 12 and 6 PM on August 1. You prepare a 6-hour "Contacting people" graph, in order to see when the best time might be. In the first
OMNIGRAPH below, we see that there are a few fortunate moments during those hours. You know that the person you'll be calling will be out to lunch from one to two, so you decide itīs better to pick the time around 3:30...


"Contacting people"  graph done for August 1, 2004, 12:00 to 6:00 PM

...in order to pinpoint the very best moment, you use
OMNICYCLE'S ZOOM function, after which you can see the exact time period during which the fortunate tendencies for communication with others are at their highest: from 3:36 till about 3:43 PM (PM times on graphs are expressed in 24-hour, or "military", time).



 This sort of graph may also be used to determine the best times to meet people (among other uses), though of course, it is especially useful where communicaiton with others, or contacting people are concerned.

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