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Personalized "Vitality" Graph (Sample)
You may have noticed that OMNICYCLES does not have "Health" among its themes. This is because we are convinced that astrology alone is not enough to make statements about one's state of health: genetic constitution, way of life, habits, past medical history and other factors are much more revealing in this area. And besides, only a medical expert is really qualified to offer professional aid to those with health problems. Nonetheless, the "Vitality" graph will give you an idea of when your energy levels will probably be higher than usual, and this knowledge can often be of assistance. In the graph below, we see that the individual for whom it was prepared will have "highs" from the 7th to 9th, and then again on the 21st and 22nd: good times for any activity requiring energy, impetus and enthusiasm...

"Vitality"  graph done for October, 2004


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