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 Personalized "Losses and Weakening influences" Graph
    This type of graph indicates the times which we would all probably rather do without: times of increased probablility of  losses, problems, sadness, lack of energy... in a word, influences which weaken us in some way or another. It is important to note that in these Omnigraphs, BOTH lines represent weakening tendencies, though of a slightly different nature: the dark brown line shows periods of separation, loss, obstacles, frustration due to not being able to progress as one wishes; the violet line, confusion, not being able to see things clearly (and the resulting misjudgements which may follow), lack of energy,  fear (especially irrational fears), and also losses. In the example below, the individual had a major health crisis in September-October, when both lines were relatively high during the same time period.    

        "Weakening influences"  graph  for July through December, 1998



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