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Personalized "Finances" Graph: Money matters! (Samples)
                                              "Going with the odds", astrologically speaking, can be a big help where your money is
                                           concerned. The following
OMNIGRAPHS, done for the theme "Finances", indicate when to expect difficulties, and of course, when the tendencies will be in your favor. In the first graph, we see that the red line is high from March through July. The individual for whom it was done remarked: "Though I didnīt have any big losses during those months, I was making considerably less than usual, since I was engaged in working on a product which we hadn't begun to market yet." Thus we see that a high red line, though it can mean loss, can also simply mean that oneīs income is less than usual. Of course, had this person actually taken financial risks during those months, losses could well have been expected...

Reduced income from March through July, 2004


Below, another "Finances" graph, this one done for the one-week period December 5 through 12, 2004. Here, the positive tendencies, though not extremely high, outweigh the negative ones: the 5th seems promising, as do the 8th and 9th (since on the latter two dates, the red line is especially low).





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