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Personalized Love Graph (Samples)
It can be quite advantageous to be able to follow the tendencies in your love and sex life in graph form. The OMNIGRAPHS below were both done for one-month;  you can also do them for eight other time periods, ranging from 2 hours, to a full year.

A promising month...


  This guy´s Love graph, done for May, 1999, shows excellent tendencies: the blue line is high for the entire period,
while the red line remains below average most of the time. And so it was: he confirmed that that month was indeed  very special as far as romance was concerned. Now, if we do a "Love - Problems" graph for that same month, we can see two interesting things: 1) The darker (long-term negative influences) red line is very low during the month - compare that to the long-term positive influences (darker blue line in the above graph), which is quite high. 2) There is a sharp peak on the 14th, indicating tension, though only the short-term influences (ligher red line) are involved. The subject told me that on precisely that day, he travelled to another country with his beloved, and due to the stress of the trip, neither felt very good till the next day.


  July-August 2004: nothing special on the horizon.


 Another Love Graph, done for the same man, shows that he probably shouldn't expect anything special during the month represented. Sure, the 29th of July and the 10th of August may hold some promise, but since the longer-term tendencies (dark blue line) are low, this probably won't be the best month imaginable as far as love is concerned, but rather somewhat "average".

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