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 Personalized "Travel" Graph (Sample)
An OMNIGRAPH done for the theme "travel" can give you a pretty good idea of when you will be most likely to travel. In the following graph, it would appear that the individual may be travelling during the period May through June, and so it was: one trip began on April 8; a second, to another country, in mid-May, and a third in June. In late October, yet another trip was taken, this time to another city, in order to participate in a trade fair. (The person could not recall whether or not he had had to travel in February. Here it should be remembered that the "high periods" in the graph do not mean that one MUST travel during those periods, only that they are the times when it is most probable.). A final note here: in these graphs, only the blue line is activated, and this is sufficient: the times when travel is least likley need not be indicated by the red line, but merely by the low periods on the blue line.

Travel indicated from May through June...


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