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index.htm - Introduction to "Omnicycles Lifelines". From this, our home page, you can access the "Graph of the Week", and also pages containing samples of different types of Omnigraph: Love, Finances, Travel, Social Life, Losses, Vitality and Contacting people.

Download page - Here is where you can download the free Omnicycles Lifelines Demo version, which is fully functional in most of its options. With the demo, you will be free to do graphs for the past in order to test the power of Omnicycles. The demo also does full-color printouts of natal charts.

     Special Astrology Software Downloads - A page where the visitor can update the main (.exe) file for
        his/her Omnicycles. Should the user be an experienced astrologer, he/she may also download extra
        aspect files on this page.

How it works - A concise explanation of how easy it is to produce an Omnigraph.

   Behind the Graphs - the Transits - A simple explanation of the main technque "behind" the Omnigraphs

Omnicycles Order Page - Purchase Omnicycles Lifelines, and do your predictive graphs for the future!

Omnigraph of the Week - Accessible from our home page, this page shows an Omnigraph done for the present week. It is not a personal graph (such as you can do when you yourself have the program), but rather a mundane graph: it therefore shows the (quite) general astrological tendencies for everyone during the week in question.

Omnigraph for the year 2004 - Also accessible from the home page, this is another mundane graph (such as described above), but done for the entire year 2004.

Omnicycles affiliate system - Apply here to become an Omnicycles affiliate: get free astrology content, and
                                                earn commisiions.

The following seven pages show samples of personal Omnigraphs (that is, ones done for individuals, and which are based on the personal natal chart), for different themes. Altogether, the Omnicycles program includes 18 different themes, each one based on a specific combination of planetary aspects that are relevant to that theme.

    Love - This page shows how Omnigraphs reflect the future tendencies in one's love life.

    Finances - Money and finances, and how personal financial trends can be seen in the graphs.

    Travel - Shows the best times to travel, and when it might be best to avoid doing so

    Social Life - You'll see that socializing is a lot more fun when the time is right!

    Losses - "Weakening" influences: these graphs show when losses, obstacles, and setbacks are most
                probable, so that you don't go too far out on a limb at such times.

    Vitality - When you you be at your best physically? Choose these times for sports and other activities.

    Contacting people - If you know when the astrological influences are best for communicating with others -
                                important telephone calls, meetings, etc. - you will have a decided advantage!

Explanations of themes - All 18 of the different Omnicycles life themes are explained here.

Interview - Garry Phillipson, author of "Astrology in the Year Zero" interviews David Bolton and Juanma
                  Puertas, creators of "Omnicycles"

Terrorists attack - An astrological study of the terrorist bombing of Madrid's Atocha train station on March
                            11, 2004.

Understanding Astrological Predictons - An article by David Bolton that explains, both for the layman and
for those with knowledge of astrology, how we can better understand the limits as well as the true value of astrological predictions.

"Main Features" page - Shows the main features of OMNICYCLES that are of interest to both non-astrologers as well as astrologers. From this page, the following explanatory pages can be accessed:

  View graphs in points, or percentages - An explanation of two different ways to view each graph.

  Special Bar Graphs - A presentation of the different types of bar graph available.

  City and time-zone data base  Introductory information on the data base included in the program.

  Updates - Our update policy

Technical Support page - We do everything we can to crush "bugs" immediately!

More samples - Examples of Omnigraphs done for events in the lives of historical personages as well as
                         "normal" people, and a tragic event. The sample pages are...

       Michel de Montaigne  - Omnigraphs done for his wedding date
            Michel de Mo
ntaigne: Natal Chart -
...and complete planetary positions

       Robert Schumann  Spring, 1832: Schumann must give up his dreams of becoming a great pianist after
                                    injuring one of his fingers.
            Robert Schumann: Natal Chart -  ...and complete planetary positions

       Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Goethe's Omnigraph the month his sister died
            Goethe's Natal Chart - ...and complete planetary positions

       King Louis XVI - Several Omnigraphs for two events in his life
            Louis XVI's Natal Chart - ...and complete planetary positions

       USA: September 11, 2004 - Several Omnigraphs for the USA, which focus on September, 2001   
            USA: Natal Chart - ...and complete planetary positions

 The next few pages show sample Omnigraphs from the lives of "ordinary people"...

       Sample Love Graphs- Showing how Omnigraphs reflect the course of one's romantic relationships.
           Natal Chart - ... of Juanma, for whom the love graphs were done.

       A stressful month - A graph done for someone who experienced a lot of stress during a certain month.

       A dream come true - An astrology graph (Omnigraph) done for a musician who was able to buy the instrument
                                        of his dreams.

       A serious illness - Although Omnigraphs cannot tell us definitely when we will have bad health, they can give
                                     indications of when we will be at our weakest, and therefore more susceptible to sickness.
             Natal Chart - ...of David Bolton

       Financial and professional good fortune - shown by the transits in an astrology graph.

        A Car Accident - The transits of Mars on the day of a car accident.

Astrologer's section - Main page of a section that describes those features of OMNICYCLES which are of interest to astrologers. Subordinate to this page are the following pages:

       The Omnicycles system - A technical explanation for astrologers of how it works.

      The Question of Orb - How our astrology software treats the question of orb for aspects and

       Simultaneous Aspects - How Omnicycles deals with simultaneous aspects formed by transits.

       Planets/Factors used for transit graphs - A list of the factors - both planets as well as Ascendent,
               Midheaven, >Descendent and Lower Heaven - which are employed in the various graphs.     

      Aspects used in Omnicycles - An explanation of the different aspects, both traditional as well as
                                                 non-traditional, used to calculate the transits in the astrology graphs.

      Aspects to and from the Angles. - Omnicycles astrology software not only includes the transits to the main
                                                        axes of the natal chart, but for some time periods, also employs the
                                                        transits of these angles to the natal planets.

      Transit Lists - Each time Omnicycles does a graph, it also produces a complete list of all the transits used
                            to make that graph. This is a feature that astrologers will no doubt appreciate.

      Merge graphs to form Multigraphs - The user may combine two or three graphs in one screen. These
              "Multigraphs" make it easier to follow the astrological tendencies for several people at once, for example.

      History graphs - You can do both Natal charts as well as astrology graphs for centuries past (this feature
         is fully available even in the free demo, since the demo allows the user to do graphs for anyone up
         through August 31, 2004!

Create your own aspect files - Omnicycles lets the research-minded astrologer create his or her own
          aspect files, even including aspects such as quintiles, septiles, or other harmonics.

      View graphs in points, or percentages - Omnigraphs are best viewed in percentage of the "mean"
                                                           (explained on this page), but may also be displayed in total points.

      Test the aspect files - Research astrologers can test the efficacy of any aspect file, using it to evaluate a list
                                       of events from the lives of one, or many, people.

Other pages:

Omnicycles Version 2.0, "Lifelines"  - Describes the differences between Version 2, and the older Version 1.

FAQ - Questions frequently asked about Omnicycles astrology software.

Our links - Resources for astrologers, as well as other links of interest.

Legal Notice - Certainly not our most interesting page, but I guess it's necessary!

Our privacy policy - We repect your privacy, and will never "spam" you!

Omnicycles and Ethics - The importance of thinking before letting anyone else prepare or view your personal