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Note: Both of the following downloads are in "WINZIP" format, and require the use of "Winzip". If you do not have this useful tool, please go first to Winzip.com to download a free version of the program!

DOWNLOAD 1. Update: the most recent "omnicycles.exe" file

If you had already downloaded and installed
OMNICYCLES 2.0 "Lifelines" at a previous date, you might want to download this new "omnicycles.exe" file, as it contains the corrections to several little "bugs" that had been reported to us by users. This file is dated October 7, 2004, so the first thing you want to do is check to see the date of the omnicycles.exe on your system. Here's what to do:

1) Open "My Computer" on your desktop, then double-click drive C:, then the "Program files" folder, then the folder "Omnicycles Lifelines". Find the file in that folder named "Omnicycles.exe". Click ONCE on that file to view the date at the left of your screen (you can also right-click it, and check its date in "properties"). If the date is PRIOR to October 7, 2004, you will want to download the update.

2) Right-click the link below ("Omnicycles.exe, October 7, 2004"), and choose "Save target as": save the file
OC-exe-Oct_7_04.zip to the folder C:/Program files/Omnicyles Lifelines on your system.

3) Next, ERASE (or rename, if you prefer) the old omnicycles.exe in your "Omnicycles Lifelines" folder.

4) Now, right-click the file OC-exe-Oct_7_04.zip, choose "Winzip" from the menu which appears (I am assuming that you have "Winzip" installed on your system: see note at the top of this page), and select "extract to here" from the Winzip menu. The new Omnicycles.exe file will be extracted from the .zip file into the "Omnicycles Lifelines" folder, and when you open the program the next time, this is the file that will be used.

BE SURE, in any case, that the new omnicycles.exe file is indeed present in the "Omnicycles Lifelines" main folder (NOT in a sub-folder!) by checking the date of this .exe file; it should be dated October 7, 2004.

The download is approximately 400 KB in size.

Download "Omnicycles.exe, October 7, 2004" now!


DOWNLOAD 2: Extra aspect files for astrologers.

In Omnicycles version 1 (which was created mainly for astrologers) the aspect files were not theme-based, but were rather named for the combinations of planets they contained. Those of you who are astrologers can download a large group of these files, and include them in your "Omnicycles version 2.0 Lifelines" program. The downloadable .zip file contains almost 300 files, in three different folders:

TR-NA_Exact_birth_time,   TR-NA_Time_may_vary_over_1_hour   and  TR-NA_Time_unknown

Basically, what you want to do is
1) create a new folder, for example, on your desktop, with the name of your choice, for example "new OC files". 2) Right-click the link below, "Save target as", then select this new folder on your desktop so that the download is placed there.  
3) Enter that folder, and, right-clicking the file, select from the "Winzip" menu the option "Extract to here". Once extracted, you will now have three sub-folders in your new folder; the three will bear the folder-names mentioned above.  
4) Copy and paste the files in each of these folders into its corresonding folder in your "C:/Program files/Omnicycles Lifelines/Aspect_Files" folder. In this folder, there are three folders bearing the same names as the folders in the downloaded zip. Just be careful that you copy from, and paste to, the folder of the same name: the files ( in the downloaded .zip) that are in the folder "TR-NA_Exact_birth_time", for example,  MUST be copied into the folder:
C:/Program files/Omnicycles Lifelines/Aspect Files/TR-NA_Exact_birth_time; the same goes for the files in the other folders, that is, the folder into which they are pasted must have the same name as the folder from which (extracted from this download) they are copied!

And that's it! Since the aspect file names in "Omnicycles Lifelines" are different from the aspect file names in the download, you don't have to worry about "copying over" files. However, to USE these files, you will always have to select them manually (just as was done in version 1): enter the program, choose "Omnigraph" from the top of the main screen to enter the "Omnigraph" screen, then choose "File" and then "Aspect file" from that screen, enter one of the file folders (your choice here will be determined by how exact the birth time of the person for whom you wish to prepare a graph is known; see the manual for details), look through the list of files, and make your choice.

Download "Add-to-Lifelines.zip" now!
(aspect files for astrologers, Oct 8, 2004)

The download is approximately 800 kb in size.

Note: Since this download is for astrologers who presumably have worked with the program a lot, I assume that they won't have too much trouble with the file names. In any case, if in doubt, enter the specific .asp file with Notepad or Wordpad, and see which planetary combinations are present and activated (any planet or planetary combination which has a "" or a "*" in front of it, is NOT activated!).  Many of these files were created for experimental purposes, and did not prove to give clear results in the study of day-to-day life (a good example: H11&13-100+MO.aps, which contains only the aspects of the 11th and 13th harmonics). Most contain more traditional aspects, and depending on the planets used, can well be employed to follow the effects of the transits of these specific transits in the lives of individuals. In any case, these will make experimentation a bit easier for you, since you won't have to go through the chore of creating the files and calculating the means yourself!         

                       If in doubt, contact us at omnicycles@omnicycles.com


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