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Terror strikes at the heart of Spain -
(Part 2)
  In my astrological work, I regularly use the "tense" aspects up to harmonic 16: opposition, Square, semi- and sesquisquare, and also Harmonic 16, which gives the new distances 22°30',  67°30, 112°30', and 157°30'. The triple chart below is a "Harmonic" chart, done for Harmonic 16: any conjunctions (within 12° maximum orb in this chart, which represents a maximum of 00°45' in the natal chart) in this chart will be factors which are in conjunction, or else in a tense aspect up to Harmonic 16 in the natal chart. In other words, such charts allow us to find aspects more quickly. In the following triple chart, the natal chart is in the innermost position; the secondary progressed chart outermost, with the transits between the two. Here it is:







  (All triple graphs in this study were generated using our Spanish software, REGULUS)  
   First, check the position of transit Mars. It is (in the Harmonic 16 chart) at 17Leo03. Now look at the positions of Natal Midheaven/Lower Heaven, and also Ascendent/Descendent (in a Harmonic 16 chart, these two points will be as one, since MC/IC and AS/DS are naturally in opposition, and anything which is in opposition in the natal chart will be in conjunction in Harmonic 16). Transit Mars, in this chart is conjunct
BOTH the MC as well as the Ascendent. Now I realize that those of you who have no experience with Harmonic charts might find all of this "rough going"; I am presenting this chart for those who know and appreciate the format. But let me simplify: what we see here is basically that transit Mars is not only in conjunction to Spainīs Lower Heaven, but also in tense aspect (Harmonic 16) to Spainīs Ascendent; the orb is 00°00': totally exact! (Normally, it is rare to be able to calculate transits to the cusps with such exactness, but since the time of Don Juan Carlos' ascendency to the monarchy was recorded with great exactness, this is an exception.) If we go back to the list of planetary positions for Spainīs chart, we will see that the Ascendent has a declination of -19 55, which means that the Descendent (whose declination is always the opposite polarity from that of the Ascendent) is     +19 55: transit Mars is thus also in parallel of declination to the Descendent. In summary:
  Transit Mars at time of attack:   Aspect Spainīs chart Orb  
  23Taurus33   Conjunction Lower Heaven (23TA38) 00°05'  
  +19 39 declination   Parallel Saturn (+19 40) 00° 01'  
  +19 39 declination   Parallel Descendent (+19 55) 00° 16'  
  23Taurus33   Harmonic 16
Ascendent (1AQ03)/
Descendent (1Leo03)
   As mentioned earlier, Mars transits Spainīs Lower Heaven about every two years; the tense Harmonic 16 aspect to the Ascendent thus also repeats at those times. What makes this Mars transit so special is of course the simultaneous almost-exact parallel to Saturn, as well as a parallel to the Descendent: a powerful Mars transit, to be sure.
   Going back to the event chart, we remember that Sun square Pluto is in aspect to the event chart's Ascendent. (In the case of Pluto square Ascendent, the orb was a mere 13 minutes). The question now is: does this asepct have any connection to the chart of Spain? It does: transit Pluto is in aspect (Harmonic 16: orb 00 06') to Spainīs Sun, and also in Harmonic 16 to Spainīs Jupiter (Orb: 00 40'). Though I am not going to analyse the progressions in this article, I would like to point out the following aspects in the progressed (triple) chart above:
  Transit Sun semisquare tr Venus 00 02'   These two transiting planets are connected to the two    
  Progressed Mars sesquisquare Pr Uranus 00 03'   progressed planets, in that...    
  Transit Sun square progressed Mars; 00 04'        
  sesquisquare progressed Uranus; 00 07'   Note the exactness of the aspects: not a single orb is over    
  Transit Venus semisquare progressed Mars, 00 06'   9 minutes from exactness!    
  Tr Venus opposition progressed Uranus 00 09'        
Note also:
  Progressed IC conjunction pr Pluto*            
  Prog. Ascendent sesquisquare prog. Neptune            
  Progressed cusps 2/8 square transit Mars   (yet another aspect of transit Mars)        
  *Note: the progressions are true secondaries: that is, the angles and cusps move at the rate of approximately one degree per day; thus, the angles/cusps in the progressed positions refer specifically to the day of the event.  





     As far as directions are concerned, one thing is immediately obvious: directional (1°per year) MC was at 21Sagittarius54: conjunct tr Pluto (00 14' orb), square tr Sun (00 52'orb).Finally, for those interested in Solar Returns, I would like to mention two key links between the transits of the event and the Solar return: Solar Return (SR) Acendent: 24Scorpio14': tr Mars is thus conjunction the SR Descendent. Also: SR cusp 2 (Koch) was at 20Sagittarius48: trPluto was in conjunction, tr Sun is square, as was the transiting Ascendent.

   Before concluding, I feel it might be appropriate to comment on a question which always plagues astrologers, both professionals and students alike, when they are faced with such events and their astrological correspondences; that question being: Did it therefore HAVE to happen? That is, was it "fated"? This is, of course, a question for which there can be no definitive answer. In my opinion, however, the answer is no. On March 11, a group of vile, evil-minded individuals consciously chose to take a large number of human lives by carrying out their murderous project. They could have decided not to do so; one of them could have decided to inform the authorities beforehand, so that lives could have been saved. But no: these individuals chose to kill. I refuse to believe that they had no choice: they did.

                                                                                 - David Bolton

For those interested in studying both Spain's Progressed chart, as well as its Solar Return chart (both calculated for March 11, 2004), we have included them below:
Secondary Progressions for the chart of Spain; secondary date/time: Dec. 20, 1975, 8:02PM CET, Madrid
Solar Chart for Spain; Solar Return date/time: November 22, 2003, 7:46 CET, Madrid

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    Evening vigil in Granada for the victims of the vicious bombing attack in Madrid.

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