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(Technical explanation)


n order to produce astrology graphs,
OMNICYCLES astrology software uses a special system to convert the transits which are in effect during a given time period into points. When doing so, it takes the following information into account:

1)  The number of points assigned to a specific combination of two factors (transits to natal, or transits to transits). A different number of points may be given to the "harmonious" and "tense" aspects. For example, "Transit Mars square Natal Sun" may be given 5 points for the tense aspects, and only 4 for the harmonious ones.

2) The specific aspect formed. The aspects may each receive a specific number of points. For instance, the square might receive 4 points, the semisquare only 2. Thus in our example (TR Mars SQ Na Sun), the aspect would receive 20 points (5 for the combination MA>SU, times 4 for the square); a semisquare would receive only 10 (5 for MA>SU, times 2).

3) The orb of the aspect. OMNICYCLES lets you take the aspect's orb into account (or else ignore it) when the OMNIGRAPH is calculated. Click HERE for more information on how the question of orb is treated, and to view some sample graphs.

4) A special "factor" which may be applied as an option, in order to give certain groups of aspects more emphasis. For example, if this option is activated, you may increase the number of points given to:

> groups of aspects of the same type: if two or more tense aspects are present, their points aren't merely added, but multiplied by the special factor. Or, if you prefer to be more selective...

> groups of aspects to or from the same planet. Example: with this option activated, if transit Mars is squaring the Sun, and transit Saturn is forming a semisquare to the Sun, the total number of points of these two aspects will be multiplied by their "factors", in order to emphasize the fact that one natal planet is receiving two aspects simultaneously. Also, if transit Mars if squaring the Sun, and is also forming an opposition (for instance) to natal Uranus, the "factor" will also be used, to stress the fact the one transit is in a similar aspect to two natal positions.

    In each case, the "special factors" used may be individually chosen for each specific combination of planets, and also for each individual aspect. This gives you virtually unlimited flexibility for creating aspect files containing the variables of your choice. (Click HERE for more information on factors and groups.)

In our examples, we usually mention only the "harmonious" (trine, sextile, novile, etc.) and "tense" (opposition, square, semi/sesquisquare) aspects. However, OMNICYCLES lets you use any aspects you want. Among the more than 250 aspect files which come with the program, we have included a few which contain quintiles, septiles, Harmonics 11, 16, 24, 27.... and if this isnīt enough for you, you may add your own! Go HERE for more info on the aspect possibilities in OMNICYCLES.











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