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Merge your astrology graphs to create Multigraphs



Let's suppose you have calculated, for the same time period, two different astrology graphs: one containing the transits for yourself, the other for your wife. Once they are calculated and stored on your hard disk, it is easy to combine them: load one of the two graphs, click the right mouse button, choose "combine graphs" from the small menu which appears, and then select the second graph. The lines of the second  graph will  automatically be assigned different colors, so that you can follow them more easily. Using this feature, you can combine up to three graphs, merging them into one, in order to better compare the tendencies for three different individuals over the time period represented by the OMNIGRAPH.   In the following example, you will see the how two graphs are combined.

                          The "Graph Menu" may be consulted whenever you  have
OMNIGRAPH on the screen; it allows you to perform a
                                       number of operations on the graph you are viewing. >>


Here's the first graph, done for me,  for January 10 through the 17th:

 The second graph, prepared for Maki, is for the same time period:
Next, we combine the two graphs, and open a window with some basic info as well. Here, we see that in the multigraph, my "tense" line will be red, whereas Maki's is now beige; my "harmonious" line is blue, Maki's is
green. This helps to distinguish the different lines...
  It can readily be seen that for me, the 14th and 15th should be the worst days of the week, whereas for Maki, these days should not be bad at all. And so it was! On the evening of the 13th, I talked to my brother in the States by phone, and he told me that the local hospital had accidently chopped down 5 trees on our property - trees that had a certain sentimental value for me, since I had planted them myself many years ago. Thus, the 14th and 15th were indeed tense days, since I had to have several conversations with a friend of mine who is a lawyer in order to discuss our options when dealing with the said institution. Maki, on the other hand, had a rather positive week.



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