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  Special bar graphs let you see the momentary influences immediately!  







From the Main Menu, you may choose any one of 5 different subjects to create a bar graph...


1) Natal chart bar graph. See the amount of harmony and tension present in the natal chart you  have on-screen  (uses the aspects among the natal planets to produce the graph).

2) Influences on you at this moment. Shows the harmonious/tense aspects formed between the planets and the natal chart on-screen at the present moment (includes fast-moving transits such as those of the of the Ascendent/ Midheaven;  thus, the results will change every few minutes). When you position the cursor (arrow) on the top of this graph (or on the "general influences" graph), you will see the exact time for when the positions were calculated.

3) Relationship Compatibility. ("Maki Kiyama"). Represents a comparison of the aspects between the main chart on- screen, and a second chart which you can select from your file (this second personīs name is the one in the bar-graph box).

4) General influences at this moment. Shows the amount of harmony/tension present between the planets in the  heavens at the present moment (that is, without any reference to an individualīs natal chart).

5) Compatibility-friendship ("Juanma Puertas"). Shows the degree of compatibility in the area of friendship between  the person whose chart is on-screen, and a second person (selected from the file).

You can have as many bar graphs as you want on-screen at the same time, and may position them as you like; this allows you to compare one graph to another with ease.

(Note to astrologers: All graphs are based on .aps files which were created for each subject; these may be modified by the user as regards aspects, planetary combinations, etc. (see the section Create your own aspect files).


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