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Expandable World City and Time-zone data base.




When preparing an OMNIGRAPH, it is necessary to enter your basic birth data. This includes the city/town of your birth, along with its geographical coordinates and time zone. Thus, for your convenience, we have included a special data base in the program.

OMNICYCLES contains a data base of cities of the world, with the relevant time zone tables. In the demo version, this data base is encrypted; yet when you purchase OMNICYCLES, you will find that the data base is fully accessible, and can be expanded or modified by the user.

We used a number of public-domain sources (such as information from the US postal service, census data, etc.) to gather the geographical positions of more than 25,000 cities world-wide (approximately 15,000 of these in the U.S.). The atlas is very easy to use, and is fully incorporated into the program. Whenever you are introducing the information to do a natal chart or a graph, you may open the atlas in order to find the name of a city or town; once selected, the corresponding geographical coordinates and time zone will automatically entered into the correct fields on the screen. In the
OMNICYCLES manual, there are instructions for adding other towns or cities.
Our time-zone tables will be reliable in over 90% of the cases: as all astrologers know, finding time-zone information which is 100% reliable is, for many places, hardly possible. If, after purchasing
OMNICYCLES, you are unsure about the coordinates or time zone for those individuals for whom you have purchased the right to do future graphs, just drop us a line, giving us the name of the city, state, and date of birth, and weŽll be glad to use our resources to find the information for you.



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