Download Omnicycles Astrology Software


1) Understanding Longitude and Latitude

In this first of a series of videos that explain how to use the free Omnicycles Astrology Program in conjunction with Google Earth Pro, you will learn the basics of measuring latitude and longitude on the Earth's surface.

2) The Meridian and Prime Vertical

In this, the second part of a series of videos on the subject of the use of Google Earth for astrological purposes, I discuss the "Great Circles", most especially the Meridian and Prime Vertical. A thorough comprehension of the relevant Great Circles is essential for understanding what the Natal Chart represents.

3) Understanding the Horizon

As you may already know, your Ascendant - that point of the zodiac that was rising when you wrere born - is always located on the Great Circle known as the Horizon. This video gives a more detailed explanation of just what the Horizon is, and why it's important in Astrology.

4) The Ecliptic, the Zenith and the Midheaven

In Part 4, we add and describe the fifth Great Circle: the Ecliptic. Also explained are the Zenith and the Midheaven ("MC", or "Medium Coeli")