Download Omnicycles Astrology Software


No need to enter your name and email, and you won't be bothered by any of those hard-to-read "Captchas", either. All you have to do is click on the chart above, and you can download Omnicycles onto your PC. Do make sure you note to which folder on your computer you download it, so that you'll be able to find it once you receive it.
Also: after opening the "zip" file, please read the file "README.txt" for instructions on how to install. Note: Omnicyces is only for Windows, not Mac (though we've heard it does work on a Mac using a "Windows Emulator").

And now, a question....

Where did you first hear about Omnicycles? I'd really like to know, for it would help us to "spread the word" about our program. Therefore, let me make you a great little offer...

Simply write to me at the email address below, and tell me where you first heard
about Omnicycles (for example: Google, a certain astrology site, from a friend, or whatever), and I will send you a new eBook of mine in PDF format, totally free!

"Benefits and Limitations of the Astrological Consultation" is an honest analysis of what someone can expect to get out of a visit to an astrologer.   It reveals quite candidly what astrology can tell you, and just as importantly - what it can't.

Whether you are a "believer" or a sceptic, this book may well surprise you!

Just write to me and tell me where you first heard about Omnicycles, and I will email you this book within a day.

Please write to:

Thanks so much for your help! And now...

After you write me, why not install Omnicycles, and explore its many options?

Bye for now,

David Bolton,